WEBINAR: Comprehensiveness in Delivery Systems for Population Health Activities: Geographic and Longitudinal Variation

Public health system capital is defined by the scope of population health activities, network of multi-sector relationships, and the coordination of actions that contribute to the implementation core public health activities. A better understanding of how public health system capital changes over time can help facilitate the development of evidence needed to improve and strengthen the nation’s capacity to delivery public health services. This study uses data collected through a national longitudinal survey of local public health agencies to examine the trajectories of public health system capital over time, and to identify how institutional and community correlates may affect their shape.

Results from sequence analysis will be presented on how public health delivery system capital changes over time, and related systems factors such as per capita public health expenditures, presence of a local board of health, and uninsured jurisdiction population.

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Dominique Zephyr, MA, Systems for Action Intramural Research, University of Kentucky College of Public Health

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Lexington, KY
United States
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