WEBINAR: Integrating Behavioral Health with TANF to Build a Culture of Health

The prolonged activation of stress response systems among children responding to adversity such as homelessness, hunger, or neglect, is a predictor of poor health and continued poverty among low-income families. To study the health and economic impacts and systems implications of integrated services provided by the Pennsylvania DHHS and Drexel University’s Center for Hunger-Free Communities, this project evaluates the Building Wealth and Health Network (The Network) intervention, designed to reduce health inequities by aligning Medicaid coverage for behavioral health services and TANF education and training services. Progress in the evaluation of public program cost savings as well as the heath and economic security of participants will be presented. 


Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, and Sandra Bloom, MD, Department of Health Management & Policy, Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health

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Lexington, KY
United States
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