Resprog Webinar | What We've Learned So far about the Collaborative Approach to Public Goods Investments (CAPGI)

The Collaborative Approach to Public Good Investment was developed to enable community stakeholders, including insurers, hospitals, local government, philanthropy and community-based organizations, to jointly finance invest “upstream” investments. It's applications -- now in Cleveland, OH, Albany, NY, and Waco, TX -- have shown the governance and trust-building processes required to implement it may be as important as the logic of the economic model per se. Creators Len Nichols and Lauren Taylor will report on timely learnings from this work in progress.


  • Len M. Nichols, PhD, Non-Resident Fellow, Urban Institute at the Health Policy Center
  • Lauren A. Taylor, MPH, MDiv, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Population Health at NYU


Click here to download the presentation slides.

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