Systems in Focus Panel: Addressing the Impact of System Alignment Efforts in Law Enforcement

This Systems for Action criminal-justice focused panel will feature investigators researching health equity and access to health and social services in the criminal-justice system. This panel includes Systems for Action investigators William Riley (ASU), Georges Naufal (Texas A&M), Emily Naiser (Texas A&M), Daniel O'Connell (University of Delaware), Christine Visher (University of Delaware), and Patricia Becker (University of Delaware). These panelists have received funding to research collaborations between the social service, public health and medical sectors working in the criminal justice system. Panelists will discuss their findings on how cross-sector partnerships and alternative mechanisms reduce recidivism, improve mental health and can in turn better connect individuals with needed social services. Inequities in policing and criminal justice practices have been highlighted in the public eye in recent years. People of color, particularly black, Latino, and Native American populations, have been heavily impacted by the discrimination baked into the criminal justice system. And while structural racism is not new, recent policing events in the news have motivated a movement to advocate for change for a more equitable criminal justice system and fair policing practices. What is clear is that the current system isn’t working and isn’t fair and just for all and the time is ripe for change.


  • William Riley, PhD, Arizona State University
  • Daniel O'Connell, PhD, Christine Visher, PhD, and Patricia Becker, PhD, University of Delaware
  • Georges Naufal, PhD and Emily Naiser, PhD, Texas A&M
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Denver, CO
United States
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