ResProg Webinar | An Aligned Delivery and Financing Model to Address Food Insecurity and Social Needs of Low-income Pregnant Women (2023)


This webinar introduces a new S4A study evaluating the effectiveness of an aligned service delivery and financing model designed to improve maternal and infant health by helping Medicaid-eligible persons receive access to healthy foods during pregnancy.  The Nourishing Beginnings program uses integrated data, screening and referral systems combined with community health worker support to link people in need with healthy food delivery from a local food bank or with direct cash assistance for food purchases. The study uses a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of the program, including the relative advantages of providing food delivery versus cash assistance.  The study is conducted by Case Western Reserve University in collaboration with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, the Cleveland Department of Public Health, United Way of Cleveland, CareSource, MetroHealth, University Hospitals, and other community partners.


  • Elaine Borawski, PhD, Angela Bowen Williamson Professor of Community Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University
  • Alissa Glenn, MSPPM, Director of Community Health and Nutrition at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank
  • Meredith A. Goodwin, PhD, Research Scientist at Case Western Reserve University
  • Christine Lattiemore, Community Health Worker, United Way of Greater Cleveland (Commentator)

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