WEBINAR: The Comprehensive Care, Community, and Culture Program


A health care system that fails to appreciate the need for public health and public policies that address social determinants of health is fundamentally limited. To address the complex dimensions and determinants of health, efforts to improve health must extend to sectors far beyond traditional health care. The principal investigators and a multidisciplinary team of experts from public health, spatial analysis, health disparities, policy, information technology, children’s health, and participatory research are developing, testing, and scaling interventions to improve the lives of urban residents as part of a cross-sectoral approach in health, poverty, crime, education, and energy and environment, and are specifically:

- piloting a randomized controlled trial to establish and begin to evaluate a new model of care – the Comprehensive Care, Community and Culture Program (C4P);
- engaging local, state and national stakeholders in the dissemination of the results by building on strong previously established relationships and by engaging the insights of C4P participants to inform these activities, and ultimately to improve health for vulnerable populations while reducing health care costs.


  • David Meltzer MD, PhD, University of Chicago
  • Harold Pollack, PhD, School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
  • Emily Perish, MPP, University of Chicago

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