ResProg Webinar | Effectiveness of Homeless Service Networks in Coordinating Services during COVID-19


This webinar reviews a study assessing the effectiveness of Continuum of Care homeless service networks (CoCs) in addressing health and social service needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic for populations experiencing homelessness. CoCs use cross-sectoral collaborations to integrate delivery of medical care, public health and social services for people experiencing homelessness. This study uses case studies, national survey data of CoC networks, and secondary data analysis to compare previous performance to new evidence of the successes and challenges CoC homeless service networks experience during the pandemic. Researchers from the University of North Texas and the University of Utah will collaborate to complete the study. Findings will be used to understand the effects of the pandemic on CoC homeless service networks and the effectiveness of the networks in achieving health equity during COVID-19.


  • Hee Soun Jang, PhD, Associate Professor at University of North Texas
  • Jesús N. Valero, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Utah

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