ResProg Webinar: Housing for Health: Cross-Sector Impacts of Supportive Housing for Homeless High Users of Health Care


Homeless individuals experience a higher risk of mortality, chronic illness, and mental health disorders, and are often high utilizers of healthcare.  Since 2012, the Housing for Health (HFH) initiative created by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) seeks to reduce homelessness and improve health outcomes for this vulnerable population. Homeless individuals who are high users of medical services are referred to permanent supportive housing and case management services, and subsequently to benefits and services provided by multi-sector agencies including substance use treatment services. The progress in evaluating this novel mechanism for integrated delivery and financing systems for housing, medical care, and public health services will be presented.


  • Ricardo Basurto Davila, PhD, MS, Chief Executive Officer, Policy Analysis Unit, Los Angeles Co. Department of Public Health
  • Whitney Lawrence, MPP, Director, Policy and Planning, Housing for Health

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