Implementing a Culture of Health among Delaware's Probation Population (Improving Population Health Conference)


Individuals under the U.S. probation system have higher incidences of health conditions including substance abuse and mental illness and are less likely to access health care and other social services, such as education, transportation, employment, and housing, than those not involved in the system. To investigate the process and impact of implementing a multi-agency “Culture of Health” team in the Delaware Department of Probation, this study combines the efforts of multiple agencies working across traditionally siloed systems, including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Housing, Education, and Correction. An evaluation of the efficacy of using the Change Team approach to leverage different financing systems and service coordination will be presented.

Session Information

De-Fragmenting Delivery Systems that Drive Population Health: Interventions to Address Rural, Social and Economic Forces


Presentations (Oral or Poster)
O'Connell DJ, Visher C