The Who, What, How, and Why of Estimating Public Health Activity Spending (Related Publication)


The authors of this study reviewed the underlying principles of how public health expenditure estimates are generated. They address what countes as public health spending, who counts it, how it is counted, and why it matters. This article serves as an expansion on previous work on governmental spending estimates through an examination of the methods and implications of national estimates of public health spending.

DISCLAIMER: The authors received financial support from the de Beaumont Foundation supporting this work. The authors are not aware of any affiliations, memberships, funding, or financial holdings that might be perceived as affecting the objectivity of this review. While this publication was funded by the de Beaumont Foundation, it is shared on this website because the findings are related to their grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and administered by the Systems for Action National Signature Research Program.


Journal Article
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice
Sensening AL, Resnick BA, Leider JP, Bishai DM