Battle Creek Community Complex Care Response Team to Improve Geriatric Public Health Outcomes (Improving Population Health Conference)


Elder abuse and neglect (EA/N) is a public health and safety epidemic with impacts in emergency department utilization, nursing home placement, mortality, and financial losses. Vulnerability has been shown to be highly correlated with EA/N victimization, yet research is lacking on interventions aimed at decreasing vulnerability. Some preliminary process outcomes of a primary prevention strategy for EA/N victimization, the community complex care response team (CCRT) intervention, will be presented. The CCRT intervention is a collaboration of three community agencies that provides 61 services across the medical care, public health and social and community services and support sectors.

Session Information

De-Fragmenting Delivery Systems that Drive Population Health: Interventions to Address Rural, Social and Economic Forces


Presentations (Oral or Poster)
Pickering CEZ, Maxwell C, Abujarad F