United States Conference on AIDS (USCA)

This year NMAC changed the agency's name, mission and vision.  NMAC will educate, advocate, collaborate and compel –with urgency –for health equity within communities of color in our tireless quest to end the HIV epidemic. USCA will illustrate how the numbers don't lie. Talking about race will be difficult.  Colleagues may get angry, sad or overwhelmed; however, this is a conversation that our movement/nation needs. It's going to take to time figure out real solutions.  Race should never be a defining factor for who gets infected with HIV or determine how long you get to live with the virus. This systemic change to healthcare and prevention can seem impossible.  The HIV community has overcome many impossible challenges. To end HIV in American we must confront race and its impact on new infections, retention in care, viral load, and lifespan.

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Washington, DC
United States
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