Research Agenda

In early 2015, a stakeholder-engaged expert panel began working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and national program office to develop a Research Agenda highlighting initial S4A research priorities that would identify and accelerate the system innovations and interactions that support a Culture of Health.

Subsequently, a review was conducted in 2019 and based on this review, the S4A program will prioritize several important topics within the existing S4A research agenda that are under-represented in current studies but viewed as highly important for building a Culture of Health. These priorities include:

(1) Testing system alignment mechanisms that are designed and implemented principally in the social service sector and/or public health sector rather than the medical care sector, and that have explicit roles for social and public health systems;

(2) Testing approaches for financing and incentivizing system alignment;

(3) Evaluating the impact of system alignment strategies on explicit measures of health equity; and

(4) Testing alignment mechanisms that are designed to achieve system-level change by modifying how delivery and financing systems operate.

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