The Systems for Action program has several research arms. Each arm serves a distinct purpose and has different aims, funding, and products.

Grantee Research Projects

Investigators across the nation develop proposals and apply for funding through annual Systems for Action funding opportunities. Each study tests innovative ways of aligning the delivery and financing systems of medical, public health, and social services, with a focus on the health and economic outcomes that result. Research findings will shape future directions in health and social policy while informing clinical and administrative practices used by the professionals that work in these diverse but interrelated sectors.


National Longitudinal Survey of Public Health Systems (NALSYS)

Since 1998, the NALSYS survey has followed a nationally representative cohort of U.S. communities to measure the implementation and impact of multi-sector population health improvement activities. A number of studies have been conducted by S4A and external partners with this dataset. The dataset is freely available by request.


Systems Alignment Innovation Hub (SAIH)

The SAIH, a program of S4A administered by the Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) in partnership with Health Services Research Institute (HSRI), supports practice-based organizations in conducting their own research. The SAIH provides resources for non-traditional researchers and funded their first group of grantees in November 2023.


To learn more about the guiding principles and priorities of the Systems for Action program, review the Research Agenda. The Research Agenda was developed after conducting a review of the S4A program in 2019, and prioritizes several important topics within the existing S4A research agenda that are under-represented in current studies but viewed as highly important for building a Culture of Health.