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What We Do

Systems for Action (S4A) is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that studies novel ways of aligning the delivery and financing systems that support a Culture of Health. Building on a foundation of scientific progress from both health services research (HSR) and public health services and systems research (PHSSR), S4A uses rigorous methods to test strategies for improving the reach, quality, efficiency, and equity of services and supports that promote health and well-being on a population-wide basis.

S4A uses a wide research lens that includes and extends beyond medical care and public health systems to incorporate sectors such as housing, transportation, social services, community services and supports, education, criminal and juvenile justice, and economic and community development.

What We Fund

The most recent Systems for Action Call for Proposals closed on Friday, May 5, 2017, at 3 p.m., ET.

Studies funded through the Systems for Action: System and Services Research to Build a Culture of Health Call for Proposals identify system innovations and interactions that drive collaboration and integration across the multiple financing and delivery systems that support a Culture of Health. Studies address one or more of the research priorities listed in the S4A Research Agenda and focus on one more novel mechanisms for multi-sector alignment, integration, and improvement. 

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Funding From our Partners

Evidence For Action

Evidence for Action is an investigator-initiated research program designed to support high-impact action-oriented research. We are interested in funding innovative approaches that will shed light on conditions that foster a Culture of Health. In the initial phase of funding, we are seeking proposals that guide action, open up new areas for inquiry, and facilitate future research. We are especially interested in research that will help develop the data and evidence necessary to improve health and equity in communities across the country.

Policies For Action

Policies for Action (P4A) is a research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) administered through the National Coordinating Center at the Urban Institute and in collaboration with five research hubs at Temple UniversityNew York Universitythe University of Illinois at Chicago together with Washington University at St. Louis, the University of Michigan, and the Urban Institute. Founded in 2015, the program funds research identifying policies, laws, and other regulatory tools in the public and private sectors that can support RWJF’s mission to build a Culture of Health.