New Studies Aim to Save Lives and Money by Connecting Health and Social Systems

LEXINGTON, KY (January 23, 2018)—Systems for Action is proud to announce the funding of eleven new studies. With $1.85 million in funding support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, these new studies will help medical care providers, social services agencies, and public health organizations find new ways of working together to improve health and well-being within U.S. communities.

Each research team will test an innovative approach for improving health by integrating the delivery of medical care with other social and community services, such as housing, transportation, food and nutrition, child and family services, education, and employment support.  By rigorously documenting the health outcomes and costs that result, these studies will set new standards for how health and social services should be delivered and financed across the U.S.

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Project: Optimizing Governmental Health and Social Spending Interactions
Type: Media/Press Kit
Resource: View Press Release
Authors: Richardson K
Date: 01/23/2018