ResProg Webinar | Addressing Systems for Health: Health Care + Public Health + Social Services

The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) leads the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s national initiative, Aligning Systems for Health: Health Care + Public Health + Social Services. The initiative focuses on learning about and sharing effective ways to align health care, public health, and social services, to better meet the goals and needs of the people and communities they serve. To build a stronger evidence base around the conditions that support successful aligning, GHPC: • Synthesizes existing research and disseminates findings • Builds relationships with those already working in the field • Supports original research and evaluation by awarding and administering a $3 million-grant portfolio In this webinar leaders from the Georgia Health Policy Center share more about their mission make aligning work and discuss collaborative efforts between their Center and the Systems for Action program office.

This Systems for Action panel featured investigators who research housing and homelessness through a unique, multi-sector lens focused on health equity. Panelists discuss their findings to better address homelessness and housing instability.


  • Karen Mineyard, PhD – Director, Georgia Health Policy Center
  • Glenn Sanders, ScD – Director, Georgia Health Policy Center
  • Daniel Lanford, PhD – Senior Research Associate, Georgia Health Policy Center
  • Aliza Petiwala, MPH, MSW – Research Associate II, Georgia Health Policy Center


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