WEBINAR: Strengthening the Carrying Capacity of Local Health and Social Service Agencies to Absorb Increased Hospital/Clinical Referrals

As hospitals increase screenings for social determinants of health (SDOH), referrals to agencies which provide services to address these needs will also increase. The impact of this increase has not been studied. Questions about the ability of nonprofits and other “community resources” to absorb this demand both structurally and financially remain. In this study researchers will conduct a case study of health service centers in Florida and Texas to develop and implement an approach for assessing the capacity of community social services organizations and their partners to absorb and meet the needs of new clients. Findings will lead to improvements in the understanding the nonprofit sector’s ability to respond to growing demand, ultimately contributing to the long-term goal of strengthening cross-sector partnerships and integration of services and systems to improve health outcomes.



Danielle M. Varda, PhD

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Associate Professor
School of Public Affairs
Center n Network Science

University of Colorado Denver
Katie Edwards, MPA
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Exective Director
The Nonprofit Centers Network

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Lexington, KY
United States
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