WEBINAR: Testing an Integrated Delivery and Financing System for Older Adults with Health and Social Needs

Addressing the social determinants of health is vital to improving individual and population health and advancing health equity. Research indicates that integrating health and social services is both necessary and cost-effective. This is especially true for the growing number of older adults who face increasing risk of multiple chronic health conditions, cognitive decline, and disability as they age. The Community Care Connections program integrates care navigators and health care coordinators, who connect patients to resources, guide patients across healthcare settings, and are patient care advocates, into the workflow and referral systems in health care delivery settings. This research team will utilize a mixed methods approach to conduct a rigorous assessment of the health, social, and economic impact of this program and examine these novel inter-organizational partnerships between social services and health care sectors. The research team will assess the program’s model for fostering partnerships between health care and social services providers. Findings will help strengthen existing programs and provide important information about components critical for successful implementation.


Jose Pagan, PhD, and Lisa Fisher, MPH, MSW, New York Academy of Medicine

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Lexington, KY
United States
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