33. Is assistance available to help my organization identify a research partner to help develop our research idea and LOI?


If you are a community-based organization (rather than a university or research institution), you can utilize a variety of technical assistance resources and supports available through the S4A System Alignment Innovation Hub.  This Hub may be able to provide assistance and guidance for identifying a suitable research partner for your organization.  Additionally, Johns Hopkins University maintains the Accelerating Collaborations for Evaluation Matching Service which may be able to assist with finding research partners.  The S4A program also can discuss general strategies related to finding a research partner during our weekly CFP Office Hour sessions or via email.  As a general strategy, we encourage you to reach out to the universities and research institutions that operate in your region, including institutions that are part of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) programwhich focuses on community engagement in health research.  Please reach out early because available assistance opportunities may be limited in the days leading up to the LOI submission deadline.