ResProg Webinar: Economics of Aligning Medical, Social, and Public Health Delivery Systems: Implications for Medicare Spending



Social, economic, and environmental conditions strongly influence health status for individuals and communities.

Unfortunately, the services designed to improve these conditions – such as housing, transportation, nutrition, and economic assistance – are often disconnected from the medical services and public health programs tasked with improving health.

Efforts to better align the delivery of medical, social, and public health services are likely to be particularly beneficial for older populations such as Medicare beneficiaries, given that health and social risks accumulate over the lifespan.

This study follows a nationally representative cohort of U.S. communities to estimate how alliances among medical, social, and public health organizations influence Medicare spending over time.

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Project: Public Health Spending and Medicare Resource Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of U.S. Communities
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Authors: Mays GP