Financing and Service Delivery Integration for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Financing and Service Delivery Integration for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Project Summary

Fragmentation and lack of coordination between health care delivery, public health, and community service systems represent a significant barrier to improving health, well-being, and equity. Drawing from health care, public health, social work, criminology, health economics, and biomedical informatics, the investigators are investigating system-level strategies that achieve alignment, partnership and synergy across the delivery and financing systems for medical care, public health, and social and community services, specifically by:

  • using Participatory Action Research methodologies to investigate and identify gaps in how multisector services, delivery systems, and financing streams are currently aligned;
  • estimating and identifying redundancies, gaps, and bottle-necks in the current health system to understand the fragmented and siloed structure of health care for persons with behavioral health disorders; and
  • triangulating multisector evidence regarding alignment of financing and delivery systems.

Principal Investigators

  • William J. Riley, PhD, Professor, School for the Science of Health Care Delivery, Arizona State University
  • Michael Shafer, PhD, Center Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, School of Social Work, Arizona State University


A natural experiment grounded in Community-Based Participatory Research, the mixed-methods research design includes structural equation modeling, social network analysis, and causal modeling.

Project Details

Primary Investigator: 
William Riley

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