ResProg Webinar | Systems in Focus Panel: Local Public Health Governing Boards

The COVID-19 pandemic vividly demonstrates that public health agencies are called upon to develop and implement high-consequence policies and programs in the context of imperfect information and considerable uncertainty. Organizations operating in such circumstances are likely to benefit from the information, expertise, and relationships conveyed by effective governing boards.

As part of the Systems for Action Research-in-Progress webinar series, "Systems in Focus Panel: Local Public Health Governing Boards" expert panelists draw from their research and experience to expand upon the dynamics of effective local public health governing boards. They also share how these boards advance public health and share priorities for future research.


  • Carl Letamendi, PhD, Bureau Director of the Office of Health Care Statistics at the Utah Department of Health
  • Scott P. Hays, PhD, Director of Research and Development at the Strategic Collaboration Group
  • Glen P. Mays, PhD, Chair and Professor, Department of Health Systems, Management & Policy at the Colorado School of Public Health


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Denver, CO
United States
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