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Why a criminology prof wants addiction clinics within 500m of major transit hubs Social Sharing

Apr 04 2023

Some cities in Canada are experiencing a surge in acts of violence on public transportation; this...

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Get to Know the S4A Systems Alignment Innovation Hub

Dec 29 2022

Meet the Systems Alignment Innovation Hub (SAIH) Team

Each team member shares what they are most excited about as they prepare to launch...

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The New Systems Alignment Innovation Hub

Nov 15 2022

Systems for Action (S4A) is excited to announce the launch of the ...

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New Studies will Help Communities Tackle Health Equity Problems Cooperatively and Share the Benefits Equitably

Dec 22 2021

AURORA, CO—Three new research studies will examine ways of helping the healthcare and social services sectors cooperate to solve health problems that disproportionately burden...

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New Studies Test Strategies for Meeting Health and Social Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jan 05 2021

AURORA, CO—Negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt in communities well after the spread of the virus is brought under control. The resulting economic...

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Under-Resourced Public Health System: Government Allocates Fewer Funds Than Estimated to Public Health

Dec 07 2020

AURORA, CO, December 7, 2020 – COVID-19 exposed a chronically under-resourced public health system, and new research suggests that far fewer dollars support this system than is...

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New Research Shows How Enhanced Connectivity between Health and Social Service Systems Can Reduce Inequality, Inefficiency

Jul 13 2020

Aurora, CO (July 14, 2020) — New Research Shows How Enhanced Connectivity between Health and Social Service Systems Can Reduce Inequality, Inefficiency

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New Studies Aim to Improve Health by Connecting Medical, Public Health and Social Systems

Jun 25 2020

AURORA, CO—Systems for Action, a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is pleased to announce four recipients of $2 million in research awards. These...

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New Studies Aim to Save Lives and Money by Connecting Health and Social Systems

Jan 23 2018

LEXINGTON, KY (January 23, 2018)—Systems for Action is proud to announce the funding of eleven new studies. With $1.85 million in...

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New Research: Investing in Public Health May Reduce Medicare Spending

Nov 30 2017

LEXINGTON, KY (November 30, 2017)—Investments in public health programs appear to reduce spending in the Medicare program, providing an economic benefit for seniors and the...

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