The New Systems Alignment Innovation Hub

Systems for Action (S4A) is excited to announce the launch of the Systems Alignment Innovation Hub (SAIH) in November 2022! The SAIH will assist practice-based organizations (PBOs) across the U.S. to engage meaningfully in systems alignment research.

PBOs are organizations that have firsthand knowledge about the opportunities and challenges of coordinating health and social services for populations that experience health inequities, but may lack resources to develop and implement robust research designs

The Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. (TAC) will lead the SAIH. TAC is a non-profit organization committed to racial equity and social justice and brings over 30 years in policy leadership, technical assistance (TA), training and consulting to federal, state and local government agencies.

With the support of S4A, TAC and partners at the Human Services Research Institute, the SAIH will provide:

  • TA & consultation to PBOs with innovative systems alignment ideas
  • A peer learning network to assist PBOs in refining their ideas
  • Targeted research funding for selected PBOs
  • Tools, guides & resources for dissemination to support these efforts


Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC)

  • Dr. LaMont Green, DSW, LSWAIC, SMECo- Director
  • Fran Arienti, MA, SME, Co-Director
  • Kevin Martone, LSW, SME, TAC Executive Director
  • Rachel Post, MSSW, Lead Project Manager, SME
  • Nastacia Moore, SME, Lead Coach
  • Lamar Polk, MPH, LICSW, CCM, SME, Lead Coach

Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)

  • Bevin Croft, PhD, Senior Researcher
  • David Hughes, PhD, Senior Researcher
  • Nilufer Isvan, PhD, Research Methodologist

To learn more about SAIH, read the TAC project launch press release. Questions? Email

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