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Achieving Reach in Youth Behavioral Health and Wellness through Catchment-Area Community Governance

This study, funded as part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Systems for Action research program, evaluates the feasibility of the Youth Wellness Hub as a hyper-local community governance model for integrating delivery and financing systems for youth behavioral health and wellness services. The Youth Wellness Hub combines three social policy tools that are separately promising or well-supported in the research literature: community governance; public health education campaigns; and service network coordination through fiscal blending.


The Systems for Action program has several research arms. Each arm serves a distinct purpose and has different aims, funding, and products. Grantee Research Projects Investigators across the nation develop proposals and apply for funding through annual Systems for Action funding opportunities. Each...

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Health Reform Implementation and Comprehensive Population Health Systems

The Affordable Care Act began in 2011 to establish new resources and incentives for hospitals, insurers, public health agencies, and others to contribute to disease prevention and health promotion activities, potentially expanding the implementation of strategies that improve population health...